Poludnitsa: an opensource exam/quiz platform

Copyright © 2012-2016 Mateusz Vistelink

Poludnitsa is a free exam/quiz platform. I wrote it because I needed a simple and robust platform to test a bunch of people. Poludnitsa is a CGI application, therefore it requires a web server (like Apache, nginx, etc). It's primarily written (and runs) on Linux platforms, however, being written in pure ANSI C makes it easily portable to virtually any platform. Poludnitsa stores all information in a PostgreSQL database.
The installation of Poludnitsa is quite straigth-forward: it's as simple as putting two *.cgi files on your Linux web server, creating a text file with the SQL configuration that Poludnitsa should use, and access the administration GUI which will provide a wizard for initial configuration (detailed instructions are provided within the package).

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the pre-exam form

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a question with an image

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artworkCultural note: Poludnitsa (or Południca, or Полудница) is a malicious demon issued from the Slavic mythology. This murderous demon was usually pictured as a young woman dressed in white that roamed field bounds hunting for workers who were in the field at noon. The demon was usually spawned from the soul of young brides that died in some tragic circumstances. The Poludnitsa was asking encountered people riddles, and killed or striked with illness those who were unable to provide correct answers. Sometimes she caused madness. The Poludnitsa was the pagan personification of what is known today as a sunstroke. Image courtesy of Ortheza (www.ortheza.net)